About us

SmrtX is a creative ISV (Independent Software Vendor) specializes in intelligent medical software solutions with the mission of helping the small healthcare provider and patients.

SmrtX, is the market leader in providing knowledge-based clinical decision support systems (CDSS) that help healthcare organizations markedly improve patient outcomes, enhance safety, and lower costs.

SmrtX knows the great challenges facing medical offices today, particularly small offices. Our staff is cognizant and experienced in healthcare information technology. We have a reputation for professionalism and courtesy, and consistently earn high marks for our provident client service.

SmrtX is committed to innovation and quality in order to continue gaining market share. To reach this goal SmrtX is dedicated to providing the best software tools in the market, at highly competitive prices, through our resellers and throughout the world.

SmrtX partners with healthcare organizations to continuously and measurably improve care every day, for every patient, every time. However we are not medical professionals, and we do not intend to be. Please read our Privacy and Terms statement.

Customers always choose SmrtX for the high quality and the reliability of our products and services in healthcare information technology. But those who go beyond - to get to know us beyond our products - choose SmrtX for our philosophy because it works for them.

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